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Browse the full range of Bee9 Design products and find the bed, desk, shelving unit, or other item that will bring your living space together. Our furniture is constructed to the Bee9 principles of design: functionality, simplicity, curiosity, compatibility, customisability, artisanry, ecology, universality, and originality.

Coming from a design background, our craftsmen are perfectly placed to ask the questions that lead to striking, sustainably sourced products. By investigating an item’s basic function, as well as how it will be used in a modern home, we’re able to strip away unnecessary clutter and create made-to-order furniture and storage with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic informed by diverse sources of inspiration.

By applying this holistic philosophy to everything we do – from design and craft to shipping and selection of materials – we find simple but original solutions to your furniture needs. And, because we’re artisans who love what we do, we’re able to tailor each product to your personal needs. So browse our range now, and remember that we only need a short chat to start working on something unique to you.