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Birch Plywood

Plywood sheets comprising birch veneers throughout which produces the most versatile of products. 

Birch as a species is a pale colour and very dense with short wood fibres. Its distribution is continuous throughout Europe and towards the far east of Russia. Common birch is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that colonises open areas quickly through the use of its abundantly produced seeds. It is most abundant in Northern Europe.

Our Plywood is sourced from carefully selected and trusted mills that have a pedigree in producing high quality plywood. These suppliers continue to maintain this reputation through the combination of high quality birch veneers, phenol-based glue bonds and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Solid Oak 

Solid Oak blocks, edge glued with a colourless adhesive to provide a sturdy decorative panel. Our Oak panels are produced using a one piece block each being bonded with alternating end grain to minimise twisting and cupping.


Valchromat is a wood fibre panel coloured throughout. The fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic dyes and chemically bonded together by a special resin which gives Valchromat unique physic and mechanical features.


BauBuche is laminated wooden panel where the veneer layers are visible on the panel faces, producing a contemporary look.

Solid Pine