Collection: Materials

Browse our exciting range of innovative materials and surfaces, each of which can be used to customise a variety of our products to your exact taste. You can order each sample for a £5 fee upfront which will be refunded when you place an order, allowing you to check it against wallpapers, existing furniture, and in different light conditions to make sure it’s right for your home.

At Bee9 Design, we’re always on the lookout for unique materials; choosing colours, patterns, and effects that complement the clean, uninterrupted surfaces of our minimalist design philosophy. Since all our products are made to order, finding a new material or surface that meets our high standards is always cause for celebration, since it adds new options for everything we create.

We’re constantly curating our collection of samples, so keep your eye on this space, as we’ll continue adding new materials and surfaces that suit our signature style – including ‘organoid’ surfaces that incorporate natural materials like flowers, leaves, and grass.