Collection: Seating

Good seating looks great when you’re standing, feels great when you’re sitting, and doesn’t get underfoot when you’re walking around. If it can also offer extra storage or add presence to a room, what more could anyone ask for?

At Bee9 Design, we keep our design simple. Of course, ‘simple’ isn’t the same thing as ‘basic’, and we’re committed to studying how furniture is actually used and then stripping away everything unnecessary until all that’s left is natural materials, flawless craft, and pure functionality. That’s what you can expect from our seating, along with reliable durability and the comfort you need to love every room in your home.

All Bee9 Design furniture is made to order, and we can customise both the dimensions and materials of our seating to suit you. Browse our seating range, and see if you find the perfect seat for your living space or just a great place to start imagining something unique.