Collection: Craft

As designers, we’re as aware of the value of creative expression as we are of the value of having the right storage for your creative materials. Whatever your artform, there’s no predicting inspiration, and it’s essential to be able to find the materials you need exactly when you need them.

Our Bee9 Design philosophy embraces both functionality and simplicity, striving to create storage that foregrounds the essential while eschewing the unnecessary. Yes, this means that you’ll always be able to keep your craft materials safe and accessible, and it also means you’ll be surrounded by a stylish, unintrusive atmosphere as you work, but both those attributes come from the same place – the sincere belief that furniture, storage, and tools become beautiful when they’re designed with their intended function as their defining quality.

Browse our range of craft items with your art in mind, and remember that all our products can be customised for the dimensions, storage options, and materials you need for your craft.