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Art Box

Art Box

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Dimensions: 6 Drawers - W 600 x H 335 x D 325 / 9 Drawers - W 600 x H 485 x D 325

Internal Drawer Dimensions: W 540 x H 44 x D 265

Keep your artistic materials organised and protected with our stylish, environmentally friendly art box, perfect for storing all kinds of materials – from paints, pens, paper, and brushes to batteries, clay, chalk, or whatever else your art demands.

Already available with your choice of drawers, we’re happy to create a bespoke art box designed with the size and dimensions that serve your needs and even the materials that make your art box a source of inspiration and pleasure. Use our work of art to help you make your own, from our artisanal craftsmen to artists everywhere.


Our products are made to order and can be customised to your requirements.

We also have a range of innovative materials and surfaces that can be used interchangeably on our products. Samples are available to view and order here

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