Collection: Lighting

Lighting does more to define the look of your household than you might think; altering colour tone, creating warmth, and even changing the function of some spaces – the amber light of the corner you read in before bed, for instance, or the clear, white light at the table you use for paperwork. Lamps and other light sources give you control over this process at the same time as adding their own aesthetic to your living space. Because of this, it’s important to choose the right lighting for you.

At Bee9 Design, we begin with an artisanal curiosity about an object’s intended function and its compatibility with modern life. For lighting, that means the kind of maximum adjustability that will help you characterise your living room, bedroom, hall, or other living space however you want, as well as clean silhouettes and natural, durable materials that add a subtle style without overwhelming the room or surface.