Collection: Shelving

Shelving is handy storage that takes advantage of unused space, but it’s also the best and easiest way to showcase the things that make a home your own – the shelves where you keep the books that shaped you, the perfect surface for that vase of flowers that brightens the room, the drawer where you know you can always find a pen in an emergency.

Drawing inspiration from around the world, our universally minimalist design aesthetic allows us to take things one step further, creating multifunctional shelving units that flatter any room with subtle style and total functionality.

All Bee9 Design products are made to order and can be customised to your tastes, but this is especially true of our shelving units. We can tailor the dimensions of your shelving unit to suit any space and any set of needs – drawers for the living room, cabinet doors for the dining room, open shelves for the hall, or a handy combination of all three for the kitchen. The number, spacing, and even materials of all shelves and partitions can be chosen to your specifications, creating a decorative, functional storage solution perfect for your individual needs.