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Umea Shelving Unit

Umea Shelving Unit

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Dimensions: W 1800 x D 350 x H 750 mm

Our Umea shelving units are designed as low, sideboard-style storage options that combine open shelving and Forbo-fronted drawers for a stylish addition to any room. Pictured here with a range of pastel fronts, Umea units are highly customisable and can be made to suit your needs – long, flat drawers for file storage; square, deep drawers for devices; and open shelves for picture, ornaments, or anything you need to pick up and put back down five times a day.

Versatile and easy on the eye, Umea units are the definition of the subtle style that the right furniture can bring to your living room, dining room, or home office, all while offering bespoke storage solutions.


Our products are made to order and can be customised to your requirements.

We also have a range of innovative materials and surfaces that can be used interchangeably on our products. Samples are available to view and order here

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