Collection: Box Collection

Sometimes, all we need to keep on top of home storage is simple, functional box shelving. Whether it’s a free-standing side table, a wheeled filing cabinet, or a long coffee table for hosting, our minimalist box collections are what you’re looking for.

The Bee9 Design style marries a clean, uncluttered aesthetic with craft-focused artisanry; a perfect fit for simple storage. Some designers think of storage as a way to hide the things you don’t want on display, but at Bee9 Design we approach storage as an opportunity to establish the tone of a room and add subtle but undeniable presence and style.

Browse our box collection of storage solutions, and remember that all our pieces are made to order, so we’re able to offer custom dimensions that fit your home, a range of curated materials and surfaces, and whatever combination of drawers and unbacked, open partitions suit your particular preference for style and function.