Collection: Beds

Is your bed the most essential piece of furniture you own? It’s certainly the first thing you add to a house when you’re turning it into a home – the place you’ll long for when you’re working late, refuse to leave on sick days, and let the kids take over after a nightmare. The dimensions and design of your bed can hold total command over the one space everyone needs as their own, setting a tone of either airy relaxation or cramped, stressful compromise.

Drawing from sources of inspiration as diverse as Japanese essentialism and Scandinavian décor, our unique but unobtrusive style is conceived to the core philosophy of putting functionality first. For you, that means comfort, a keen command of space, and intentional durability that ensures your most important piece of furniture is always in your corner.

Bee9 Design products are made to order and highly customisable, so if you can’t find exactly the bed for you, get in touch to discuss the dimensions and materials that you want in your home – we’ll be more than happy to help.