Collection: Tables

Tables are where things come together – families, projects, meals, and even rooms. You may not think of your table as the centrepiece of the room, but while it should be subtle, it absolutely has a central role in setting the tone, style, and mood of your living space, specifically in those rooms where you’re most likely to welcome guests. Tables aren’t just places to work, eat, and talk; they’re statements about what a room is for, and that’s where our design philosophy begins.

Our principles of design revolve around functionality and compatibility – the idea that the best form of any furniture is that which best serves its real-world use. That’s why, when we design a coffee table, we consider how to make it comfortable to use both from a seat and the floor; it’s why our nesting tables are designed to fit together in different shapes so you can make the most of the space around you; and it’s why everything we make takes into account the electronics and wires found in the modern home. Marry this with a unique minimalist aesthetic and superlative craftsmanship, and you get tables that look great and suit your home.

All our furniture is made to order, so whether we already make your ideal unit or you want to customise the dimensions, materials, and surfaces, there’s something for you below.