Collection: Accessories

The world is always changing, and one of the delights of great design is the ability to answer that change with essential accessories that make life easier. Modern tools like laptops and phones may be some of the most complex items to ever exist, but that just makes it more satisfying to enhance their functionality with simple, purpose-orientated design solutions. Getting the most out of modern technology doesn’t have to involve endless plastic – we can do better with real insight, natural materials, and exacting craftsmanship.

Two of our most important design principles are functionality and simplicity. We’re not concerned with adding unnecessary features or chasing temporary ‘fad’ utility. Instead, we focus on how you already use tools like phones, tablets, and laptops and then figure out the simplest ways to support and complement these everyday activities. Browse our range of hand-made accessories, and be sure to check back in the future, as we’re always working on ways to enhance your use of emerging technologies.