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Reykjavik Chest of Drawers

Reykjavik Chest of Drawers

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Dimensions: W 900 x D 450 x H 1200 mm

Named for Iceland’s sprawling capital, our Reykjavik chest of drawers range combines a variety of drawers, cabinets, and materials into a striking executive storage solution, but it’s not just about looks. 

Reykjavik models inspire instinctual storage, marrying different types of space so that there’s always an ideal way to keep different items safe and discoverable – long drawers, narrow but deep drawers, and large double-doored cupboards mean that you’ll always know where things go without a thought. This is what’s possible when simplicity takes its place at the centre of design – a varied, attractive source of storage that marries practical use with aesthetic value.


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We also have a range of innovative materials and surfaces that can be used interchangeably on our products. Samples are available to view and order here

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