The Bee9 Principles of Design

The Bee9 Principles of Design

Ideas. They inspire us to get up in the morning and keep us awake at night. In our case the idea for Bee9 Design began to form almost a decade ago and it has been growing ever since. It has been responsible for many offshoots which have materialised in the range of furniture which you can see on our website.

The problem with ideas is that it can sometimes be quite tricky to pin them down. To communicate them properly requires thoughtful reflection over a period of time and it helps to have friend who is good with words to bounce them off.

So it is with great pleasure and gratitude, that we are finally able to give you "the Bee9 principles of Design". These 9 principles, or ideas, define Bee9 Design. I am sure that these ideas will continue to develop, but for now we are happy with them as they are, we hope you enjoy reading them.

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